Renewable Energy

Although Gulf Oil International is no longer active in the extraction and refining of crude oil, there is a strong interest in the development of alternative energy sources. Gulf is a keen supporter of the introduction of bio-fuels, providing they are made to the exacting quality required for modern engines. Already some Gulf fuel retail sites offer bio-fuels to motorists; both bio-diesel and gasoline containing bio-ethanol. There are also projects currently being developed to build new processing plants for the production of bio-fuels. The possibility of investing in wind turbine energy ‘farms’ is under evaluation. Gulf Oil International has a keen interest in these alternative fuels for the future.

Biodegradable Products

Furthermore, considerable energy has been focused on the introduction of biodegradable products, especially those used in applications where release into the environment is inevitable, or where the possibility of an accidental release are finite. In the product development programme care has been taken to select formulations and components to minimise the number of instances where a hazardous label must be carried on our oils. Following up on the historic original introduction of the poly-alpha-olefin molecule as a synthetic lubricant fluid, Gulf has developed several new synthetic low-volatility engine lubricants for long-life use, thus reducing further the volume of lubricant oil used per kilometre.

Fuel Efficiency

There are also fuel-efficient lubricants in the Gulf portfolio. These can save a few percent of fuel per kilometre travelled, and less fuel means lower emissions, as well as a saving in fuel costs. Some of the latest passenger car and diesel engine oils have been formulated for use in vehicles fitted with the latest engine exhaust after-treatment devices, thus Gulf customers can, partly through the use of a modern Gulf product, make a contribution towards a cleaner environment.

Waste Oil

Once the oil has reached the end of its useful life, Gulf strongly recommends that it is disposed of in a safe manner, such as taking it to a used oil recycling collection point. The Gulf lubricant supplier can often assist Gulf customers to determine the time to drain and change oil and how to dispose of it safely.