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Environmental Issues


Find out more about Gulf and our combat against Global Warming, Emissions, Alternative Fuels, Waste Management


The world's population is set to grow by 50% by the year 2050. What's more, economic development in many countries will grow even faster, perhaps doubling in the same period - and this development will demand more intensive use of the world's resources, notably energy. This is already a serious issue - can the planet sustain such growth ? Will food and water supplies become scarce ? Will the cumulating effect of greenhouse gas emissions lead to horrendous climatic effects ?

As an energy company, Gulf Oil International is concerned about these issues and advocates the more efficient use of energy (fuel economy products) and emission reduction (low-emission products and alternative fuels). 


Alternative Fuel Cars in London

Some unusual cars running on hydrogen and bio-fuels on exhibition in London

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Gulf and the Environment

Today Gulf's distinctive corporate orange and blue logo, recognized throughout the world remains a mark of quality, a symbol of excellence and a guarantee of professional service - a sign of all that is best.

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