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The Gulf brand carries with it a strong legacy of excellent customer service, high quality and technologically innovative products.

The Iconic Gulf Brand

Gulf's Orange Disc Logo is still instantly recognized around the world today even though it was conceptualized in the early 1900's. The Gulf brand has remained visible largely due to strong communications through targeted marketing campaigns and a pioneering spirit which is ever present today.

Gulf Oil International prides itself on providing excellent marketing support to its affiliates and customers worldwide. Gulf's marketing communications philosophy focuses on the ‘your local global brand' corporate message, whereby local affiliates in different countries are encouraged to develop their own local marketing programmes. This is supported, but not dictated, by Gulf Oil International, who provide advice and guidance in all areas of the marketing mix. The sum of this local activity ensures that the brand maximizes visibility globally whilst also meeting the individual targets of the local markets. 

Gulf & Le Mans, Past & Present

One of Gulfs marketing priorities is to further strengthen the brands presence and identity, to bring it to the forefront of popular culture today. Gulf uses various methods to communicate with and appeal to, customers of all age groups. The prime example of this international focus is Gulf's strong motor sport sponsorship programme that has seen the brand associated with some of the top manufacturers in motor sport. Motor sport appeals to consumers of all age groups and offers a platform that not only links with the products but also the brand's core values of Care, Courage, Endurance, Inspiration and Youth. Through these sponsorship programs Gulf has gained wide publicity and exposure that has led to positive image for the brand worldwide. These partnerships have also offered local markets with an effective marketing communications tool to leverage a successful and high profile brand association.

Every year Gulf is a strong contender at the Le Mans in France and this year is no exception with its second year of sponsorship with the Aston Martin Racing team. Last year the Gulf liveried DBR9 009 took victory in the GT1 category and this year they look to repeat the feat in the more challenging and high profile LMP1 category.

For more information please visit the Motor Racing link below.

Gulf Branded Merchandise

Another key example of Gulf's communication projects is the current portfolio of brand partnerships held with various merchandisers across the globe. They produce high quality products for consumers in different categories that use the iconic Gulf livery and logo. The success of Gulf's merchandising programme is evident in the large number of customers that purchase Gulf merchandise at various automotive events. In fact the high quality and aspirational image that these products represent has seen several Hollywood stars keen to show their affiliation with the brand though these products.

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The marketing efforts of Gulf's affiliates across the world and the success of global partnerships both past and present is an indicator of Gulf's brand strength today. Together with its partners and affiliates, Gulf aims to channel these marketing initiatives to create a larger awareness of the Gulf brand and thus create a stronger brand loyalty among consumers.


Gulf truly is 'your local global brand'



Motor Racing Sponsorship

This section is dedicated to Gulf’s umbrella sponsorship of the Aston Martin Racing team and includes images, videos and points of interest for motor racing enthusiasts.

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Orange Disc Magazine

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Gulf Corporate Brochure

A brochure summarising the Gulf Oil organisation, issued in 2007, is available in 6 languages

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