Motor Oils

Gulf lubricants are well known the world over for use in cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and even small boats.

Gulf Classic Oil

The Gulf Classic range of products is designed specifically to meet the needs of classic car owners everywhere.

Leisure Marine Oils

For owners who care about their motor boat or launch, Gulf has expanded and updated its range of products for your boat engine, be it 2- or 4-stroke, inboard or outboard, gasoline or diesel.

Commercial Transport Oils

A well-known strength of the Gulf product range is the comprehensive set of engine oils for commercial road transport customers all over the world.

General Industrial Products

The Gulf lubricant product range designed for use in many different industrial applications is led by the family of hydraulic oils, called Gulf Harmony.


Products for Excavators, Earth Movers, Construction Trucks, Pneumatic Drills etc

Agriculture & Forestry

Gulf has multi-functional lubricants for agricultural vehicles for use in engine and hydraulic brake systems.

Commercial Marine & Power Generation

There is a comprehensive range of Gulf lubricants for marine propulsion engines and other applications.

Metalworking Fluids

For every type of metal and alloy; steel, copper, aluminium, titanium, etc., Gulf has a product to suit your needs.

Research & Development

The Research and Development work for Gulf Oil International is an important part of the resurgent Gulf Brand proposition around the world.