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Merchandise Enquiries


A very popular brand such as Gulf Oil's, can generate a cult of admiration and pride, almost to the point of fanatical devotion. Supporters have an almost insatiable desire to show their support through branded items such as clothing, toys and executive ‘gifts'. Gulf Oil International recognises both the pulling power of the brand, symbolised by the Gulf Orange Disc Logo, and the need to protect and nurture this valuable asset to enhance its appeal through high quality merchandise.

250x1000_fitbox-minimax2.jpg                                        250x1000_fitbox-bubtoys11.jpg 

A variety of official branded merchandise is currently available, and in particular scale model replicas of the famous sports cars which have won races with the famous Gulf Oil livery are very popular. This collection also includes cars for slot-car racing systems, such as Scalectrix®, and virtual cars on computer games (e.g. in the Sony Playstation® WRC game).

Gulf have also partnered with some of the biggest watch manufacturers in the world. The current aprtners; BRM (Bernard Richards Manufacture) produce a range of very high quality, limited edition watches that reflect the racing spirit of the brand.  

250x1000_fitbox-sd_411.jpg                                        250x1000_fitbox-r50_11.jpg

Perhaps one of the more sought-after types of merchandise is the official Gulf branded range of clothing ‘Grand Prix Originals' produced by clothing outlet Dakota (an official Gulf branded clothing manufacturer). They offer a wide range of high quality items from shirts to bags and more specifically the every-popular Steve McQueen range of retro-design jackets (as seen in the movie, "Le Mans").

250x1000_fitbox-lady_gpo_shirt_stripe_3.jpg                                        250x1000_fitbox-original_grand_prix.jpg

Gulf Oil Racing Livery Trademark (light blue and orange)

Gulf Oil International Group created an international first when they were granted a pan-EU trademark registration for this unique colour combination. The Registrar of the CTM registrations acknowledged that Gulf had developed its property in these colours and that the combination merited international recognition and protection. Commercial use of these colours, without the additional use of any logo or trade name, as for the Gulf Logo itself, is only possible under agreement from Gulf Oil International. Non-commercial use in motorsport applications also may be possible, though any overt use of the Gulf logo with the colours should be agreed in advance with Gulf Oil International.

Gulf Oil International is always keen to hear of manufacturers looking to use the Gulf Brand (the logo and colours) on suitable goods. A licensing  agreement with a negotiable royalty fee is required, and the Gulf Oil worldwide network can also be used promote these items further.

Merchandise Enquiries

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