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Gulf Fans Community



Over the last 60 years Gulf has had many successful moments with its motorsport and has become an icon to both racing teams and fans alike. Gulf has five core values; Care, Courage, Endurance, Inspiration and Youth. The first four can be easily represented through our victorious past in motorsport and whilst this is an important for the prestige of the brand, one cannot forget the final and important value; Youth.

Gulf have focused on representing the value more closely in recent years, internationally through their sponsorship with Aston Martin Racing and locally through various initiatives such as the IPL cricket team Kings Punjab XI in India.

Gulf Oil International are also keen to connect with their motorsport enthusiasts more and so have set-up some channels where we can communicate with our fans worldwide. These channels include Facebook, You-tube and Twitter and further details can be found on the sections below.

Please note that in order to use any of the servics highlighted below you need to set-up an account with them first. 


In August 2008 Gulf enthusiats set-up a facebook group called Gulf Motorsport. Since then the membership has grown to over 120 and look set to expand further.

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As part of our relationship with Aston Martin Racing there is now a Twitter account for any Gulf enthusiats to visit. This will be contstantly updated by the drivers throughout the season.

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As part of Gulf Oil Internationals continuing communications plan we are happy to announce that Gulf motoracing vidoes will now be available through Youtube

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Contact Us

Here at Gulf we want to hear from you!! If you have any comments or enquiries or have any videos or images that you would like to share with us please fill in the form below and we will endeavour to respond to you ASAP.

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