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ACO Official Posters


Images of the 2009 Gulf liveried AMR LMP1 car is chosen for the official ACO posters at Le Mans and the Le Mans Series


Gulf / AMR LMP1 car provides appeal for ACO


The new Gulf-sponsored Aston Martin Racing prototypes have captured the hearts and minds of the general public this year and, so it would seem, the organisers of the Le Mans Series and the Le Mans 24 Hours, as they have chosen to illustrate the car on the official race posters. Following the success in the opening round of the Le Mans series and given the huge press coverage that the cars have received already this year, the ACO have added to this with a stunning selection of images. Pictured below are the posters from the Spa Le Mans Series race and this year's 24 Hours de Mans. These posters are just one example of the amazing worldwide coverage that the Gulf brand is receiving through this year's winning sponsorship agreement.

250x1000_fitbox-lms_2009_spa.jpg  250x1000_fitbox-official_aco_le_mans_poster.jpg

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