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HOWZAT! For Gulf and Cricket


Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd in India has become one of the principal partners a leading Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket teams; the Kings XI Punjab.


Gulf Focuses on Youth in India through Cricket


The IPL is a relatively new global cricket tournament that is seen as the biggest competition outside of the World Cup and is seen as India's number 1 sports event. It has really captured the imagination of the Indian public to the extent where it is the country's most viewed TV event in recent times. This high profile sponsorship agreement will see the Gulf logo appearing prominently on the team's kit (pictured) as well as in the stadiums and throughout the media coverage in general.

GOCL Lubricant Division President, Ravi Chawla explains the move. "As well all know cricket is like a religion here. After our TV sponsorship of the Cricket World Cup two years ago we wanted to continue our association with sport and youth. We believe this will be achieved through lead sponsorship of the youngest team in the IPL"


The IPL groups involves all of the stars of world cricket and the Kings XI Punjab is no exception leading figures from the Australian, Sri Lankan, UK, the West Indian and India national teams. This year the location for the IPL has shifted to South Africa due to a timing clash with the general elections in India. However this will not dampen the following it receives most notably in India and the Middle East and the other cricketing nations around the world.


"The Kings XI Punjab Team is a North India based team" adds Ravi Chawla, "and this will help us to build our brand & business in Punjab, Haryana & Delhi. Strategically this association makes excellent sense for the growth of the Gulf brand in the region."

GOCL is exploiting this exciting sponsorship initiative with a host of supporting campaigns throughout the year. These include special screenings across locations in India targeting the youth and comprising of the motorcycle segment & truckers, events will include a Punjab-based cricket tournament and numerous pack promotions throughout the year. The cricketing stars will also attend trade and consumer events for Gulf helping to raise the profile of the brand in the hearts and minds of the Indian people.

Gulf wishes the team luck in the tournament and challenging for the top spot.


For further details in the meanwhile, please contact Ravi Chawla:



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