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Gulf Oil Marine


Gulf Oil Marine acts as a partner to the shipping industry supplying bulk lubricants to large sea faring vessels from ports worldwide. GULF OIL MARINE Ltd provides the shipping industry with high quality marine lubricants, expert customer service and a large range of technical services. 

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Gulf Oil Marine Website

Gulf Oil Marine has rapidly developed its geographical coverage over the past 4 years and is now able to deliver marine lubricants and services to over 850 ports in 75 countries. Gulf Oil Marine has operations in major ports of the world, including Singapore, Rotterdam, Hong Kong and Fujairah, using barges for delivery. The barge currently operating in Singapore (1,700 dwt - below) is one of the biggest lube barges ever used in worldwide marine lubricants supply.

In today's tough economic environment, Gulf Oil Marine is a strong partner of the Shipping Industry, with a fresh approach to customers/suppliers relationship that focuses on reliable supplies and value added services at all times. This is encapsulated in the company strap line 'We are always at the ship's side'. Gulf Oil Marine's primary concern is not that of being the biggest marine lubricants supplier but to be the best, in terms of geographical coverage, delivery, reliability and technical / customer services.


For more information and any business enquiries, please visit Gulf Oil Marine website or contact Yew Meng Kwok:

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