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Products & Services



Gulf Fuel Retail

Gulf was a pioneer in fuel retail, establishing the first ever branded petrol station in 1913. The tradition continues, with an ever expanding network of service stations providing high quality service and fuel under the Gulf brand

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Gulf Lubricants

Gulf Oil has one of the most comprehensive ranges of lubricants in the market place with the very latest OEM recommendations

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Products for Motorists

The Gulf Brand has been associated with several important innovations that have benefited motorists the world over; such as the fore-runner of synthetic, high performance, multi-grade engine oils.

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Gulf Car Care Products

Gulf Oil now has an extensive range of products for the car care market, all of which are available in your own local market

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Lubricants for Industry

Gulf companies around the world offer an extensive range of high quality lubricants and greases for use in your business.

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New Metalworking Fluid Range

Gulf Oil have launched a new extensive range of metal working fluids ensuring that the Gulf offering continues to diversify and develop for the needs of local markets

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Gulf Express

Gulf is introducing into some markets a network of service workshops where motorists can have their vehicle's lubricants changed in super-quick time.

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Lubricant Enquiries

Click here to send a mail to Gulf Oil International regarding lubricants

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