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Lubricants for Industry


Gulf companies around the world offer an extensive range of high quality lubricants and greases for use in your business.

This portfolio of products is supported by expert service from Gulf's Technical Team, to provide you with every reassurance that the correct lubricant is being used and to solve any lubrication-related problems.

 Gulf Product Search Tool - an easy to use database of all Gulf products, with technical data sheets

The following links will reveal to you the wealth of Gulf's product range:-

Commercial Road Transport

An extensive portfolio of diesel engine oils, transmission fluids, greases and other products for use in every type of truck and bus, both privately owned and fleet-operated. For more information, click here

Off-Highway and Construction

For off-highway construction and earth moving equipment, which often have to work in the more arduous conditions, sometimes with lower quality fuels, Gulf has suitable lubricants, fluids and greases. Some of these are specially formulated to withstand the most stringent of operating conditions, such as heat, dirt and water ingress, and high sulphur fuels. For more information, click here

Agriculture and Forestry

Gulf has multi-functional lubricants for tractors (engine and hydraulic brake systems) including bio-degradable fluids which help protect the environment in case of fluid spills or leakage. There are also chain saw oils. For more information, click here


Crop Protection

Although not a lubricant, Gulf Argenfrut is included here alongside other products for agricultural use. Agrgenfrut comprises a range of special oil-based insect pest control products, which have been developed by the Gulf Research and Development team as a non-toxic option to conventional pesticides.

Regional Marine and Power Generation (with large diesel engines)

The Gulfmar engine lubricants are renowned for their ability to control engine deposits and avoid corrosive attack even with high sulphur residual fuels. There is a wide range of viscosity and base number oils to choose from, and virtually every engine design is catered for by this range. For more information, click here

Metal Fabrication

Gulf has accumulated a long history of expertise in coolants and fluids used whenever metals are cut or reshaped. There are both water-extendable fluids as well as neat oils designed to give the best possible finish to the worked metal and to prolong the life of the cutting tool. Processes covered include cutting, drilling, grinding, forming, drawing, stamping and quenching and the range caters for many metals and alloys, not only steel. For more information, click here

Click here if you would like to contact Gulf Oil International about these Industrial Lubricants and Greases.

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