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New Metalworking Fluid Range


A New Extensive Range of MWFs from Gulf Oil

Gulf Oil have launched a new extensive range of metal working fluids ensuring that the Gulf offering continues to diversify and develop for the needs of local markets


Gulf Oil is proud to announce a new range of fluids, coolants and associated products for metalworking operations


Gulf Oil has a long history and a high reputation for the development, supply and provision of technical service for metalworking fluids. Owing to changes in Gulf’s corporate structure, there has recently been a period during which this product line has not been available to our valued customers.

Now we are proud to announce the re-birth of Gulf Metalworking Fluids - a new and extensive range has been developed and will be made available to users around the world.

Please contact your local Gulf Oil Distributor for more details

The product range encompasses both water-soluble and neat oil-based fluids for a wide variety of operating conditions, processes and metals. Additionally there are anti-corrosion film-forming products and supplementary fluids that find use in most metal-processing workshops.

They are offered under the well-known product brands, Gulfcut and Gulf Cascade (this latter name is being re-introduced specially to mark the launch of the new range).

A few examples from the range are featured below.

Please contact your local Gulf Oil Distributor for more details


An ultimate extreme pressure semi synthetic water-mix metalworking fluid that crosses all performance boundaries. Gulf Cascade EP-SAX is specially designed for moderate and severe multi-metal applications in all water conditions. This product combines extended sump life and enhanced tool life with super EP machining performance.


An Ultra Long Life, low cost semi synthetic water-mix metalworking fluid specially designed for arduous conditions. Gulf Cascade EP-XLL provides ultra high protection against bacteria infestation as well as excellent machining performance on all steels and cast iron.


An excellent chlorine free general purpose semi synthetic water-mix metalworking fluid designed for multi-metal applications. Gulf Cascade HD-S uses high levels of synthetic ester to provide superb machining performance, enhanced tool life and excellent biostability at very reasonable cost. Suitable for all metals.


Superior quality fully synthetic chlorine free water-mix metalworking fluid that provides excellent value. Suitable for a wide range of materials, Gulf Cascade forms a clear emulsion for excellent machining visibility that also provides enhanced flushing characteristics and operational cleanliness, plus high levels of corrosion protection.


High quality chlorine free fully synthetic water mix grinding fluid. Gulf Cascade GR-S combines excellent operational performance with ultra low residues and exceptional biostability. This product provides excellent corrosion protection and grinding wheel cleanliness.


High quality Medium Viscosity Neat Cutting Oil for medium to heavy duty applications. Gulfcut 56-UA contains a special combination of fatty additives and extreme pressure components to provide excellent lubricity characteristics for superb surface finish and enhanced tool life. Gulfcut 56-UA is light coloured for greater work-piece visibility and because the extreme pressure additives are manufactured from non-active components this product can be used for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, making it an ideal choice for customers who require a high performance general purpose cutting oil.

Please contact your local Gulf Oil Distributor for more details
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