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Gulf Car Care Products


Gulf Oil now has an extensive range of products for the car care market, all of which are available in your own local market

New Car Care Product Range: 'Gulf MultiAuto'

 At Gulf we understand that taking care of your car is one of the most important considerations for motorists the world round. The investment in your car is second only in value to the purchase of your house, therefore the quality of the products you purchase to maintain them is an essential consideration. The new Gulf MultiAuto range includes many of the products the modern day motorists needs and ensures that the quality of those products matches the quality of the Gulf brand.

The new official supplier of the Gulf MultiAuto range of car care products is Autoday Ltd, a professional and dedicated company with nearly 30 years of expertise in the vehicle care market. Based in Taunton in the UK they have a rigorous set of quality management controls and an experienced distribution network, which includes exports to the Middle East and beyond.

 250x1000_fitbox-_y8p2318.jpg  250x1000_fitbox-cleansing_foam1.jpg


Aerosol Products

Product Name


Multi Functional Spray 400ml
Cleansing Foam
Brake & Clutch Cleaner
Tyre Black
Carburettor Cleaner
Wax Spray
Alloy Wheel Cleaner
Copper Lubricant 400ml
Dashboard Polish
Electrical Contact Cleaner
Dry PTFE Lubricant
Silicon Free Dashboard Polish
Concentrated Release Fluid 400ml
Super Molybdenum Disulphide
Glass & Mirror Cleaner
Engine Cleaner
Multi Purpose Grease
Engine Start
Air Conditioning Sanitiser
Inflate & Repair

Other Products

 25L & 200L
Wash & Wax
5L & 25L
Power Wash
 25L & 200L
Fast Finish


The initial range (outlined above) has been developed to include not only aerosol products but also water-based car washes and polishes. However this is just the beginning, the range will expand in response to our customer's requirements and diversify to include new ranges for boats, motorcycles and 'elite' cars.

For more information on this product range please visit the official Gulf MultiAuto website 


Orders & Enquiries

As with all Gulf's products distributors in your local markets will handle orders and will offer their usual excellent levels of after service you have come to expect. To place any orders or for any further information regarding these products please contact your local distributor by visiting our worldwide map section - here

Product / Material Safety Data Sheets

Click here to download all of Product Data Sheets (at the top) & Safety Data Sheets (at the bottom) for the MultiAuto range

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Gulf MultiResponse

Introducing the revolutionary Gulf MultiResponse, an innovative new product for treating oil spills

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Official Supplier to AMR

Gulf MultiAuto are the official car care partner for the AMR LMP1 team for the Le Mans 24hr and Le Mans Series 2009

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