Gulf Nanotec Fuel Additive

Gulf Nanotec – from Gulf licensees, CleanerGlobe – is the world’s first dynamic liquid nanotechnology fuel additive, blended to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. It is unique to the market, as it works with all fossil fuel, petrol, diesel and biodiesel vehicles.

In addition, it increases fuel economy, unlocks power, cleans carbon deposits in the cylinder linings and keeps exhausts and engine oils cleaner for longer.

This ground-breaking addition to Gulf’s portfolio is setting a global trend in clean fuels, a move that is sure to be replicated in other service stations around the world. As Gulf Mexico’s network of service stations continues to flourish, this additive, crammed with a quarter of a century and billions of miles of research and development, will only serve to enhance the reputation of Gulf as one of the world’s premium fuel brands.

Gulf Nanotec is available in bulk quantities for entire networks, or groups of service stations and in single packs for individual use.

Further details from Les Cozzi at CleanerGlobe:

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