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Gulf is actively driving a substantial shift in its journey toward becoming a net-zero enterprise. By partnering with forward-looking entities such as Indra, Gulf is taking deliberate steps to forge a more eco-conscious and sustainable trajectory.

This strategic collaboration empowers Gulf to tap into Indra's specialised expertise in sustainable business practices, facilitating the creation and implementation of innovative solutions geared towards lowering carbon emissions and advancing environmental stewardship.

With a resolute commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, Gulf fully embraces this integration, understanding the dual benefits of planetary well-being and enduring business success. Through harmonizing efforts with esteemed corporations like Indra, Gulf is primed to engineer a paradigm shift, making substantial progress towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.

Low-Carbon Mobility Solutions: Embracing the Future of Transportation

The electrification of the transport sector plays a crucial role in achieving low-carbon transport solutions and, ultimately, reducing the sector's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. We at Gulf have begun our transformation journey by investing in Indra Renewable Technologies Ltd.

Indra is the fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) charging and smart energy technology company developing innovative charging and energy storage solutions for home and commercial use. It is also a pioneer in Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology, allowing bi-directional charging to the energy grid, which will assist the grid in managing renewable power production and distribution.

Our collaboration with Indra aims to help accelerate motorists' adoption of electric vehicles.

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