Delivering the performance you need under any condition with Gulf industrial lubricant products.

Lubricants that deliver maximum productivity

Gulf’s passion for developing products that outperform industry standards is never-ending. It’s why many of our lubricant products have become increasingly popular across multiple industries.

Our products, which are used in Auto components, General Engineering, steel, cement, mining, construction, oil and gas, metalworking, power, agriculture equipment and a variety of other applications, have proven to be dependable and cost-effective for industrial operations that rely on high-performance machines.

Gulf industrial products, including hydraulic oils, gear oils, compressor oils, refrigeration oils, metal working fluids, quenching oils, rust preventatives, slideway oils and thermic fluid, turbine oils, circulating oils & greases are all designed to perform under demanding conditions and are suitable for a wide range of industrial machinery.

Reducing Downtime

Reducing Downtime, Increasing Efficiency

Though you may choose the right tool or equipment for the job, the success of most industries often relies on them functioning effectively and consistently. Proper lubrication is crucial to a smooth, safe and reliable operation of your equipment.

Gulf industrial lubricants and fluids are designed to help ensure the equipment you use operates at peak efficiency, offering total peace of mind for longer periods and at lower operational costs, reducing downtime whilst simultaneously increasing productivity.

We understand the importance of providing our customers with solutions to help their business run efficiently and profitably. We take pride in meticulously formulating each industrial lubricant and grease in our product range to ensure optimal performance. Gulf lubricants help to protect industrial equipment and ensures smooth operation while helping to reduce the dreaded downtime.

Eyes on the Future

Eyes on the Future

Gulf is constantly monitoring the emerging markets, with a keen eye focused on Key Industrial segments like Steel, Cement, Mining, ACGM (auto components & general manufacturing), construction & Metal working fluids. We work along with Industry OEMs and develop the latest futuristic lubricants that meet critical application requirements.


Gulf Industrial Lubricants are best suited in various industrial segments such as: