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Trust Gulf Oil to be your reliable companion on the road ahead, ensuring your car is always prepared for your daily commute, popping to the shops or even your first driving lesson. Gulf is more than just engine oil; we help create memorable moments and enable journeys across the globe. Our commitment is to empower every turn, every lesson and every step towards independence through the reliability you place in your car. ​

Make Gulf Oil part of your unstoppable journey.​

Engine Oils

Whatever drives you, we’ve got you covered. Our wide range of passenger car motor oils will keep you moving, whatever your vehicle and need. We’ve formulated our engine oils to offer enhanced protection against wear and deposits, ensuring engine durability and improved fuel economy with reduced CO2 emissions and catalyst protection on select products. Our passenger car motor oils are able to operate under a wide range of varying operating conditions, keeping you on the road, always.

We have engine oils for a variety of car brands and models covering both older and newer cars. We produce products that satisfy the requirements of the most modern, high-output, turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines. Our extensive portfolio covers the requirements of Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, General Motors, Renault, Volvo, Ford, Jaguar, Fiat and Chrysler, among other OEMs.

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Driveline Fluids

We have a wide range of driveline fluids to satisfy even the most demanding applications. No matter the load, the climate or the driving conditions; our range of products, both mineral and synthetic fluids with advanced additives, help provide exceptionally smooth gear shifting, improved fuel economy, good rust and corrosion protection, uniform lubrication, superior frictional properties, excellent low temperature fluidity and exceptional high-temperature performance.

Other Fluids

Drive with confidence. Our brake fluids and radiator coolants and antifreeze will keep your car running at optimum performance, whatever the driving and climatic conditions.

Entrust your safety to our high-performance brake fluids with performance additives which help protect the braking system and provide reliable performance. Our range of brake fluid products meet the requirements of both normal and extreme driving conditions and offer reliability and safety in all driving conditions.

Our coolant and antifreeze formulas ensure that your engine remains at an optimum temperature, ensuring it is protected at all times, even in boiling hot summers or freezing cold winters. This helps prevent downtimes and costly repairs.


We have developed a range of E-Fluids that are suitable for electric vehicles and hybrid cars. Our E-Flids ensure your electric vehicle runs at optimal performance while reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy.

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