Commercial Vehicle

Forward thinking solutions

Driving performance is at the heart of everything we do. Gulf Oil has an extensive range of commercial lubricants for a wide range of trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles. We work continuously to deliver quality products that improve the lifespan of your vehicle, to ensure you can stay on the road for longer and reduce unscheduled maintenance downtime. Our product portfolio spans everything from high performance engine oils and driveline fluids to greases and coolants. Whatever your needs, we have the fluids to deliver. Together, we’re unstoppable.

Commercial Lubricants for fleet and diesel engines

We are always striving to bring you the best-in-class to ensure you get the maximum performance from your vehicle. Benefit from improved fuel economy and extended oil drain intervals with Gulf’s advanced commercial lubricants. By using the right oil in commercial vehicles, you can reduce maintenance costs while protecting your engine from wear and overheating. Our specially formulated commercial lubricants work hard to keep your engine clean and functioning at full capacity - for longer, no matter what the climate.

Commercial vehicle gear oils and transmission oils

Undesirable friction causes excessive wear and eventual premature breakdown leading to higher maintenance costs. Keep your gears well-oiled with Gulf’s advanced formulations to avoid such instances. Gulf commercial vehicle gear oils and transmission fluids can increase the lifespan of the vehicle’s transmission system.

A history of innovation

Gulf has over 100 years of expertise with a strong history of innovation, always moving forward. We understand the demands of your business and have developed our commercial vehicle product range so your fleet can perform at its very best. By using the right oil in your vehicle, you can increase performance while reducing costs caused by damage.