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Gulf x Indra

Gulf x Indra Renewable Technologies Partnership

Gulf has partnered with Indra to help accelerate the adoption of electric cars and to make home charging easier for electric vehicle owners. Indra is an EV charging and smart energy technology company, developing innovative charging solutions for home and commercial use. Through our partnership we can provide EV charging solutions, which are also available in the Gulf colourway.

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The Future of Transportation is Changing

Indra’s home electric vehicle chargers can be programmed to charge your vehicle at the cheapest times in order to keep your energy bills low. In addition, they can utilise energy from your solar panels - it’s the cheaper and greener way of charging your electric vehicle.

Indra is a pioneer in bidirectional charging, which enables you to control the flow of energy between your EV, home and the grid. This means you can not only charge your EV car or van when it is cheapest and greenest for you, but you can also export energy back from the car’s battery to power your home or sell back to the National Grid.

The Importance of Low-Carbon Transport

The Importance of Low-Carbon Transport

Low-carbon transport is going to shape our future and with that comes a growth in electric vehicles. The sale of electric vehicles is increasing and will continue to do so well into the future and Gulf will be a part of that through our partnership with Indra and electric car restoration company Everrati, as well as with our EV fluids range that has been especially formulated for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Facilitating the move towards electric vehicles

It is crucial that EV owners have access to solutions that make life easier for them. They want to be able to make a difference and continue to live life in the way that they do. With our Gulf-branded home electric vehicle charges, the Gulf eFluid product range and the expertise of Indra, the future is in our hands.

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