Gulf x McLaren AutomotiveThe Unstoppable Series

In 2021 Gulf partnered with McLaren Automotive to continue to further push boundaries and shape the future after a successful history together in motorsport. "Unstoppable" is a series that takes you behind the scenes of this iconic Gulf and McLaren Automotive partnership so you can see what fuels our ambition. Delve into our rich history and get a sneak peek into the future of what may be coming next.

Unstoppable Episode 1

In celebration of the partnership between two of motorsports iconic brands, McLaren Automotive's team has designed design a unique Gulf x McLaren 720S supercar that showcases the iconic Gulf colours. See what goes on behind the scenes as we speak with the designers and engineers of the Gulf inspired 720S showcasing the unrivaled detail that MSO (McLaren Special Orders) can apply and in particular what made this car so unique. McLaren customer cars are now available to order in Gulf livery. For more details contact

Unstoppable Episode 2

Discover some of the most iconic Gulf liveried cars in motorsport and see how we’ve made history and won hearts over the years. Taking place at The ROFGO Collection, this episode highlights some of the momentous liveries shared between Gulf x McLaren and touches on how these iconic designs have helped influence the McLaren Automotive supercars in becoming some of the famous in the world.

Unstoppable Episode 3

Focusing on the technical aspects of the partnership between Gulf and McLaren, episode 3 delves into the intensive efforts involved in developing Gulf products, ensuring they are rigorously tested so they meet the demands of the vehicle they are designed for. Gulf Formula Elite is the oil that McLaren cars are filled with as they come off the production line.

Unstoppable Episode 4

Take a ride with Bruno Senna in our Gulf liveried McLaren 720S in this exclusive footage. Get behind the wheel as Bruno Senna races up the Hillclimb track at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022.  

With unrestricted access to supercars and historic race cars, we speak to fans on the ground at this incredible celebration of motorsport and the people that make this sport so captivating. This one is from the fans.

Gulf Formula Elite In every McLaren off the production line

Gulf Fuel Station Licencee

Gulf Formula Elite was designed specifically for high performance engines, even in the most extreme conditions, to deliver sustained peak performance. Using ThermoShield Technology, Gulf Formula Elite meets efficiency demands by forming a robust coating on all critical engine parts for enhanced wear defence while maintaining optimum temperature by helping to dissipate heat. All McLaren supercars and hyper cars come off the production line filled with Gulf Formula Elite.

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