Lando Norris VS Naomi Schiff

Gulf x McLaren - Lando VS Naomi

Fuelled by the competitive spirit that drives us. Bound by the unrelenting pursuit to be the best and nothing less. For over 50 years, Gulf and McLaren have forged a long-standing and successful history together in motorsport.

In this new video series, we test how much Lando Norris and Naomi Schiff know about racing, automotive, and Gulf history.


Episode 1: Racing & Gulf History


How many parts is an F1 car made from?

Lando Norris and Naomi Schiff go head-to-head to see who knows more about Formula 1, the W Series, and the Gulf history. Discover who won in the full episode.

Episode 2: Lubricant 101


Let's get technical! Lando and Noami's knowledge of lubricants is put to the test. How much do they really know about engine oils and Gulf Formula Elite, the recommended oil for McLaren supercars? Watch the full episode to discover who wins.


Episode 3: Symbol Scramble


Can you guess the different symbols for oil, automotive and Formula 1? We put Lando and Naomi to the test. Watch the full video to discover who won.

Episode 4: Racing or Automotive


Can you tell if a part comes from a Formula 1 car or a McLaren supercar? Lando Norris and Naomi Schiff put their engine knowledge to the test as they try to guess where each part comes from.

Episode 5: In The Passenger Seat


To wrap up our video series, Naomi Schiff sits down with Lando Norris to discuss the brand-new McLaren Artura, the special Gulf livery, and Lando's driving experience with supercars.

Gulf Formula Elite In every McLaren off the production line

Gulf Fuel Station Licencee

Gulf Formula Elite was designed specifically for high performance engines, even in the most extreme conditions, to deliver sustained peak performance. Using ThermoShield Technology, Gulf Formula Elite meets efficiency demands by forming a robust coating on all critical engine parts for enhanced wear defence while maintaining optimum temperature by helping to dissipate heat. All McLaren supercars and hypercars come off the production line filled with Gulf Formula Elite.

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