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Gulf Fan Livery Vote


Our fans have always been ecstatic about seeing the Gulf racing blue and orange colours on the track and with all the requests for another Gulf livery from our loyal fans on social media, we didn’t want to disappoint. So, this year we are going bigger and better! We are giving our fans the power to choose what livery they want to see on track.

This livery will combine two truly iconic brands to create an incredibly special moment in motorsport history and our fans are at the heart of it. We have been working closely with our partner, Williams Racing, to bring you not one, but four Gulf liveries to choose from.

The Liveries

Each design has been influenced by a different Gulf theme. These four iconic designs will go head-to-head in a vote which the fans will whittle down into one final champion livery which will race at the Singapore, Japan and Qatar Grands Prix.

Round One: Bolder Than Bold vs Contemporary

Bolder Than Bold

This livery celebrates the boldness of those determined to make their mark and keep progressing. Boldness is more than being brave, heroic or fearless. It is never quitting, and always turning up with confidence. The ultimate show of boldness is being unexpected, doing what nobody else thought to do, right when it counts. Live bold – on and off the track.



This livery celebrates the contemporary nature of motorsport. It’s much more than just a physical race. F1 has a digital life, which brings fans closer to the sport, both competitively and for fun. Evolution drives us forward and keeps us focused on innovation, finding new ways for fans to experience racing. This livery brings together passion and evolution to revolutionise our future in motorsport.

Round Two: Heritage vs Visionary


This livery celebrates the iconic Gulf heritage. Although we are firmly future-facing, we also have a rich and extraordinary history. It is the ultimate reminder to always be bold, to inspire, and to make moves on and off the track that accelerate progress. It is Gulf’s legacy that makes us unstoppable.



This livery celebrates the visionaries. Those who look forward, those who believe opportunity lives in everything we do. This attitude is a reminder to feed the dreams and ambitions of the next generation of drivers and engineers. To celebrate their can-do attitude and inspiring spirit. Let us inspire the progressive minds of tomorrow.

How Voting Works

There will be a total of three rounds of voting. The winning livery from Round 1 and Round 2 will proceed into the final vote. Our fans will then cast one last vote to see which Gulf livery will end up on the Williams FW45 which will race in Singapore, Japan and Qatar. The overall winning livery is the one that receives the most fan votes.

Key dates:

Round One voting: 26th May – 4th June

Round Two voting: 5th June – 11th June

Final vote: 12th June - 23rd June


There’s more to come…

Throughout the fan vote, there will be several exciting announcements and pieces of content released, including the stories behind each livery design and why they have been chosen for the vote. We will also bring fans behind the scenes and closer to the process than ever before with insights from both Gulf, Williams Racing and of course, you, our fans. Stay tuned on our social media channels.