A farm-fresh partnership

Gulf Oil offers solutions to farmers in around the world. We’re constantly learning and evolving to further improve our multipurpose agricultural lubricants, manufacturing them at the highest standard to make purchasing oils and lubricants for various farm equipment easier for all.

Our agriculture equipment lubricants deliver dependable performance and value in a variety of farm equipment. Formulated to perform in any climate or condition, each of them are designed to ensure the smooth operation of all farm machinery, including combine harvesters, tractors and more.

We understand the distinct requirements of each business at every scale. That’s why we are constantly evolving, recognising new technologies and focusing on the needs of farmers and agricultural equipment manufacturers.

Our goal is to assist our customers in getting the most out of their equipment by providing the best solutions for powering and lubricating all agricultural equipment.

Spray oils for crop protection
Spray oils for crop protection

Spray oils for crop protection

With this massive push in R & D, we created the Argenfrut oil that eliminates pests. This fast-breaking emulsifiable mineral oil leaves no harmful residue behind, allowing the produce to remain fresh and clean. As a result, it is one of the safest commercial pesticides.

Meeting the needs of our customers is one of our core strengths, which is why we work tirelessly to create more sustainable products that aid in preserving the quality of your produce.

Every Farmer’s best friend

Every Farmer’s best friend

At the heart of everything we do, and what sets us apart from other brands, is a desire to find solutions to the problems that our clients are facing. For years, we have worked hard to understand our clients' businesses, allowing us to provide products that meet and exceed their every need.

We meet with farmers on a regular basis to learn about their needs. Through these meetings, we’ve established grassroots programs and events aimed at these farmers, as well as original equipment manufacturers. As a result of these collaborations, we have developed agricultural machinery lubricants and spray oils to help farmers operate to the best of their ability.

Running smoothly

Our Gulf Oil lubricants are designed to withstand heavy use because we understand the operational requirements of most agricultural businesses. We have reduced the need for you to stockpile numerous oils by developing universal, multi-application oils, such as Universal Tractor Transmission Fluids and Super Tractor Oil Universal. This way, you can ensure that specific lubricants are not used in the wrong equipment.